Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #7

Top five of the week

Full article: Exploring the challenges of system leadership in the voluntary and community sector — Moss (2020)

A Frame for Deframing in Strategic Analysis | Dunbar et al (1996)


The Magnification of Small Differences — Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin — Overcast | Systems Community of Inquiry

Applied systems thinking: unlocking theory, evidence and practice for health policy and systems research | Kwamie, Ha, Ghaffar (2021) | Systems Community of Inquiry

An essay about cybernetics and slime molds courtesy TektologicⒶl҉ — Serendipity on Twitter


Organisational development / transformation

What would you say if I told you customer intimacy was dangerous?
If you want to really satisfy your customers, read on. Most organisations hear ‘listen to what the customer needs’ and say ‘yes! optimise for this!’ They hear ‘transactional efficiency saves money’, and go ‘yes! everything efficient!’ Truth: there are two types of customer service flavours: 1) transactional — customers can reliably specify and find the […]

W. Ross Ashby — The Origin of Adaptation (1941) — the W. Ross Ashby Digital Archive | Systems Community of Inquiry

Absorptive capacity — Wikipedia

Ethics in public service

Financial Times: How civil service chief Heywood opened the door to Lex Greensill

“Brexit”: Eight in ten businesses believe leaving EU will cause long-term hurt for UK economy

Environmental and social justice

Cost of “Brexit” is already 38 times more than the money set aside for levelling up

More brain food

The Other Others — Memory Wars

Musical interlude

Chris Barber’s Jazz Band — Climax Rag (live in East Berlon) 1959



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