Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #8

Top phive of the week

Why is Benjamin P Taylor known as @antlerboy? | Racket


Sillitto, Dori et al — a series of papers on defining ‘system’

An Assessment of the Adequacy of Common Definitions of the Concept of System — Salado and Kulkarni (2021)

Creative Systemic Research, Susu Nousala + Jelena Sucic (ST-ON 2021–02–08) — Coevolving Innovations

Entropy | Earth’s Complexity Is Non-Computable: The Limits of Scaling Laws, Nonlinearity and Chaos | Roubin (2021)


Agenda now finalised for Government Outcomes Lab Social Outcomes Conference 2021

Benjamin Taylor: Tips on making place-based working work | Local Government Chronicle (LGC)

Ethics in public service

Was Dawn Butler right about Boris Johnson ‘lying’ to Parliament? — Full Fact

Mayor of London on Twitter: “Places I’m going to keep wearing my mask 👇🏾 Public transport Shops Queues Indoor crowded spaces Why? Because face masks work, and this pandemic isn’t over. Please do whatever you can to protect yourself, and those around you.”

Environmental and social justice

What might Coordinated System-Wide Climate Emergency Activity look like?

Dalian Atkinson: Living at speed on and off the pitch — BBC News

More brain food


When “Worldview” Thinking Becomes a Crutch | John Ehrett (2021) | Systems Community of Inquiry


Escape to Victory: The Ipswich footballers who made a cult classic — BBC News




business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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Omkar’s story of dropping out of IIT to working as a Software Engineer — #MasaiGrad

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Benjamin P. Taylor

Benjamin P. Taylor

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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