We are all consultants, advisers, coaches, change people — but only a select few enter the tool shed!

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readApr 14, 2021


What would you like to add to your consulting repertoire?

When you help your kid work out how to motivate themselves for homework, or how to make more friends at school.

When you help a friend work out a career move

When you act as strategic adviser to a large technology-driven transformation programme ;-)

You’re a consultant, of some kind. Are you learning and building those skills?

If you’ve enjoyed my posts and sharing of insights here, from the truly deep to the practical and engaging, you might like to consider joining me in my tool shed.

This is an ongoing shared learning experience, where you build on your skills for change, systems thinking, organisation design, culture, leadership, facilitation through studying my extended materials and working with a cohort group.

What’s the favourite tool you have in your tool shed? What would you like to add?

If you are interested, drop me an email — benjamin.taylor@redquadrant.com

You can read a lot more in the pdf on this post:


Participants say:

“The RedQuadrant Tool Shed has been a phenomenal learning experience for me.”

“I ditched an MBA for engineers last year, to join the tool shed. I would definitely make the same choice again.”