We put as much thought into our learning design and delivery as we do into content at the The Public Service Transformation Academy.

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readAug 29, 2023


What has your best experience of development been?

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We’re trying to help people get better outcomes for citizens and communities, whether they are in management of a new blood testing services for pregnant women, using mainly the private sector — or helping the whole community to get more fit and active.

If you’re in the public sector right now, you have my sympathies — I think it’s wonderful that people are still striving for creativity after the crushing austerity of the last 14 years.


That’s why we blend a bunch of things into our offers:

- people who have ‘been there and done that’ to learn from, and with

- work with colleagues in the room, learning from each other and comparing contexts

- action learning support from us and from other participants

- an online Virtual Learning Environment to pull it all together

and, most importantly, putting the ideas into practice as you go — designing and implementing hundred-day plans that help you to put learning into practice — safely — to support your day job.


And our eight aspects of commissioning model, developed for the Local Government Association, takes into account:

1 models and tactics — work that actually focuses on what makes a difference on the ground

2 commissioning process — technically excellent, clear, and robust

3 dealing dynamically with policy and compliance

4 generating information, insight, and innovation

5 a user and outcome-centred focus

6 building capacity, capability, and confidence in markets, voluntary and community sector, communities, and people

7 building relationships and organisations across your locality

8 designing a whole system that means people need less help, can better care for themselves, and are in a community and setting that supports them


We have some exciting courses coming up:

- commissioning sampler sessions

- ten-step introduction to outcomes-based commissioning for police and crime commissioners

- a new round of our popular contract management programme

- and two new National Commissioning Academies


I’d love to hear from you — what’s your best experience of a development programme — and what made it so special?