‘We shape our technology and thereafter our technology shapes us’. How will ‘AI’ shape business?

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readMay 3


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If you think about AI as a shaper of the world around us, what’s one change you see?

I don’t mean ‘what jobs will be replaced’ or ‘who will be the winners and losers’.

I mean that the usefulness of LLM’s will change the landscape and change the possibilities for business, with all kinds of results.

Google Ads changed the way online business worked, LinkedIn enabled marketing to specific job titles, seniorities and types of businesses, Facebook marketplace took over two thirds of person-to-person transactions on the internet.

Further back, the industrial revolution and interchangeable parts made mass production mainstream, and saw the end of cottage industries as the main drivers of production.

Even as ‘spicy autocorrect’ or ‘stochastic parrots’ that require huge computing and energy capacity, by mimicking the shape of answers or generating plausible answers and plans at scale, LLMs introduce something as potentially transformational as mains electricity.

At the start, companies appointed ‘Chief Electricity Officers’ — until it became so mainstream and fundamental that it had already shaped the way everything worked.

If people use AutoGPT-like tools to create ‘autonomous enterprises’, even if they’re bad, simplistic, scam-like things which go for the lowest denominator, they change the space for everyone else to operate in.

So — if you think about AI as a shaper of the world around us, what’s one change you see?



Benjamin P. Taylor