What are the blogs or social media which you learned the most from, early on?

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readAug 31, 2022


A recent comment from Mike Parker had me thinking about #systemsthinking Twitter, in the early days — a great little community of folks sharing, learning, and debating together.

Then there was Gene Bellinger’s original Systems Thinking group here on LinkedIn (which I merged my group into) — which still continues in new form at https://lnkd.in/dMB3xvRz, and is slightly being revived now LinkedIn is tweaking the algorithm!

But wayyyy before all of that, I remember:
- the Curious Cat Management Improvement blog from John Hunter
- Knowledge Jolt with Jack from Jack Vinson
- Vanguard Consulting’s always punchy newsletter
- Stacey Barr’s measurement blog
- various excellent lean blogs, of which I definitely remember Mark Graban’s Lean Blog, Pete Abilla’s Shmula (which I think is now here), Kevin Meyer’s Evolving Excellence

They mostly stand the test of time, too. Intelligent people writing critically about topics which are important to them. Sincerity. Earnest desire for things to be better.

Then there are deeper classics to which I only had second-hand or archive access — Phil Agre’s Red Rock Eater’s News Service and the OG complexity and knowledge management listserver (what was that called arthur battram?)

I’m sure there are more and this post is partly an exercise in helping me to remember some of these roots of thinking!

Where on the internet did you get inspiration from, back in the day?