What do we want for the days after?

Benjamin P. Taylor
1 min readMay 26, 2021

As we move into the uncertain future, on 23 June we convene public service learners to review our journey so far.

Join us as we consider:

- what have we learned on the journey so far?

- what do we mourn?

- what do we celebrate?

- what are our determinations for the future?

- how will we adapt?

What’s your one biggest hope for the future of public services in the days after? Book your free place now.

The group produced the Adaptive Council model — a short paper with key findings — a LinkedIn summary is here.

We have been featured in the Local Government Chronicle and highlighted by the Whitehall & Industry Group.

To join the session 23 June from 14:20–16:20 UK time, book your free place here.