What do you want to read from me?

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readJan 24, 2022


The below is posted on LinkedIn, which has been the driver for my blogging — I put all my pieces, usually twice-weekly, on www.chosen-path.org for the open web and https://antlerboy.medium.com/ (and then weekly I do a newsletter summary of the pieces and a few others links I’ve shared on Twitter and through https://stream.syscoi.com/, and share that newsletter on LinkedIn, getRevue, substack, and Medium and the Chosen Path blog)…

I’d value comments there — and also comments here on ‘what I’m posting’ in general…

Inviting journey along the A849 Road
cc-by-sa/2.0 — © C Michael Hogangeograph.org.uk/p/1978629

What do you want to read from me on #LinkedIn?

I’ve been posting regularly now for some time, on topics around #systemsthinking, #complexity, #publicservices, #change and so on.

And some of my posts get a very pleasing number of likes and responses — see https://chosen-path.org/2021/12/09/my-top-linkedin-posts-you-wont-believe-number-77/ for some examples as of a month or so ago.

I’m now wondering ‘how, if at all, to continue’ and would love to hear your feedback?

What adds value to you?

What do you think best supports my work?

Thank you if you’ve been reading, commenting, sharing, thinking about any of my posts in the last 18 months or so.

I’m aware there are several different ‘audiences’ reading my work. Some are surprising to me! Big tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft come up more than I’d expect — perhaps they are just more well-represented on LinkedIn — and some places like parts of the Netherlands, as well as intriguing thinks like many reads from ING group and .

Others I’d expect are consultancies (I see you, Deloitte, Tata, PwC — you never comment!), and sometimes public services — though less well-represented on here.

My goals in posting are to:

- spread powerful and insightful ideas (only a few of them are mine — but a few are!)

- test out my ideas and how I communicate them, and improve both

- connect with really interesting people

- obviously I would also like there to be a … funexcitementtraveluntoldrichesandadoration… but I’m also obviously not targeting ‘sales’ or ‘brand value’ with this.

So… what would you like to see from me?

Please comment here and/or vote on LinkedIn: