What does ‘service transformation’ look like? A challenge for you!

Benjamin P. Taylor
1 min readMar 8, 2021


If you would like the data from this slideshow of information about the SBAC situation, email me at benjamin.taylor@redquadrant.com
the situation

Let me take you back to a great team I worked with, when we were stuck in dysfunctional patterns (still sadly familiar in many organisations today) — and ask you how we got out of it.

I’m going to come back on Friday and give ‘the answer’ — what we actually did. I’ll answer any questions in the comments!

>>The situation:

> Shepherd’s Bush Advice Centre served the most excluded and vulnerable people in the borough with different types of expert advice.

> We were open very irregular hours due to staff availability and demand

> There were loooong waits and limited time appointments for customers. Nothing got fixed in the 20 minutes they got with a random specialist adviser (not matching their need), so files were made and appointments set up with the specialist

> This caused another load of hassle, as people missed appointments etc

> People often waited up to four hours to be told we didn’t provide the service they needed

What would *you* do to make improvements? We made some small ones — then a big leap!