What I know about #systemsthinking

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readApr 1, 2021

Watch the video — and pay attention to the sigils!

  • It’s about #sensemaking hard until you know what is really going on, to get to the root cause of wicked problems and solve them
  • Everything is connected, so everything is a #livingsystem — it’s quite mystical, really
  • You start from designing an idealised future state
  • #Hierarchy is bad — we need leaders to run #systems instead
  • Agile is all about systems thinking, and so is Team of Teams, and other cool things
  • We’re educated to not use our critical thinking facilities — and anyway we only use 10% of our brainpower
  • It’s more powerful if you also draw on the solid insights of #neuroscience
  • Because of #complexity, nothing can be predicted
  • Systems thinking is old, but good, but limited. Complexity is brand new, and it’s a science, so it’s better. #Cybernetics is a bit old and weird, and only slightly disturbed people still study it.
  • The best way of telling them apart is to look at what people call themselves
  • But we’ll never approach the insights of the old Masters
  • The things on the left side are not as good as the things on the right side (but sometimes they switch the order, so you gotta be careful)
  • It’s confusing, but fortunately, there are a few true experts who can tell you the answer
  • What have you learned? Wrong answers only

Just to be clear, this was an April Fool’s day joke…
Everything (to the best of my ability) is wrong…

A real Easter Egg goes to the first person to spot at least 4/5 of the little jokes hidden in the video (with only one point for listing as many as you like in the opening/closing image)