What is meta-rationality?

Diagram from David Chapman on Twitter — @meaningness

How does this explanation land?

Can you see examples of it in practice?

  • All I know is there are cat eyes on the last slide and any post that has a cat or dog in it is a winner. And I really liked your egg and nest picture to illustrate just near difference. From this you can guess I like pictures…
  • Ah yes, I’ve decided I need a cat or dog *every* post now… seems to work…
  • But are they really cat eyes, or is it a whole cat? That is the question…
  • And it’s an interesting connection to the story of the invention of ‘cats eyes’ in roads — the depressable reflective lights marking lanes. IIRC from school, the inventor nearly went off a cliff in the fog when he saw his headlights reflected in the eyes of a cat sitting on the barrier at the side of the road — a deeply meta-rational story (since I’m on the ‘driving’ theme).



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