What topics should I dig into in more depth?

Can you believe some of my LinkedIn posts get read over 10,000 times?

But the LinkedIn update length means everything gets very squished. Here are my top posts so far — which would you like to hear more about?

1- four quadrant of thinking threats (how not to let your self-importance get the better of you)

2- complexity all the way down

3- the campaign against consultancy

4- how to illustrate complexity

5- two fundamental outlooks on life

6- standardised and customised work with your customers

7- making decisions in complexity

8- conscious organisations

9- developing clarity with the three box model

10- the possibilities of organisation

11- commissioning is an approach to transformation

12- the elements of The Force in organisational life

13- team decision-making in complexity

14- adaptive public services

Pick one, and let me know what I should dig into more, below!

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