What would you most like me to write about on LinkedIn?

My regular LinkedIn updates have been pleasingly successful — it’s so great that thousands of people every week want to read stuff that doesn’t try to dumb things down.

So, what would you like me to share next? Please let me know your choice in the comments:

1- the horror of organisational projects that are ‘doomed to succeed’

2- some of my videos and podcast interviews

3- the left hand column; how to skilfully bring what you think and feel (but dare not say) into the conversations

4- triple loop learning — about doing better, thinking better, and being better

5- Bongard games and the limits of method

6- customer contact performance management

7- my first organisational improvement experience

By the way, some fascinating thing about my readers:
- the most popular job title is ‘business strategist’ or ‘executive director’
- large consultancies are among the organisations who read the most — and they come in later (busy, I guess!), but never comment

Let me know what you’d like to hear from me below!

(tomorrow — what would you like to hear more of