What’s your most controversial view about digital transformation?

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readNov 25, 2021


We should all just straight-up refuse to use the phrase “digital transformation” from now on. There’s only organisational transformation.

That was David Durant, a major #publicservice and #localgov digital guy

I’m stealing it, though, because I agree.

Here I shared ‘top tips’ from 16 professional advisers: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/antlerboy_accelerating-enterprise-digital-transformation-activity-6865914557689421824-mLp2

This is what *I* think:

1) slow down to go faster — the biggest risk is strategic debt and no benefits realised, because you didn’t actually focus on how to better create citizen and community value. Plan to learn.

2) free up your people to build really deep understanding of citizen/customer needs and actually respond — then run around like crazy to work out what that looks like and how to support it.

3) get your sights set higher than just better processes — how can digital help your communities, your place, your citizens to build on their strengths?

4) make sure *you* have the power in the digital change relationship -and spread that power widely. It will be a blend of in-house and contractors and really trusted consultants that gets you through. Never let your relationship with any supplier be ‘too important to fail’ — that’s when you’ve created dependency.

5) make it modular, composable, open-sourced, and bloody well adaptable to the future — most of all, start from basics.

Fast networks, desktops that work, software that does what the users need. Remember — no technology is better than bad technology.

6) make it part of wider change and improvement (ditch the word ‘transformation’). Software will eat the world. But we’ll still have challenges in structure, logistics, people, strategy — and environmental challenges!

7) don’t learn from the published stories of others — get under the skin. Avoid the old canards:

- Ignore ‘channel costs’ — a dangerous myth.

- Remember that 80% first point of contact resolution is the riskiest, costliest balance.

If you want the buzzwords: benefits realisation, ethnography, community development, service design, capability, smart client, organisational learning.

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