Who are you at work?

Benjamin P. Taylor
2 min readSep 14, 2022

I would like to declare today Bring Yourself to Work Day.

It’s actually not a significant holiday or holy day or anything anywhere in the world that I can find! It is the beginning of the Orthodox Church Year, and around the ‘start of term’ in many places, so it feels appropriate :-)

What do I mean?

Let’s just make this a day when we can be a bit more honest.

When someone asks ‘how are you?’, give them a little bit of an answer. An actual answer to the question.

When you go on a Leadership Development Programme, which tells you to ‘be authentic’ — and then on the first day back, the organisation tells you ‘not like that!!’ — well, point that out.

When you see the Organisational Values and Behaviours, and your leaders Behaving very differently, ask about it.

Speaking out loud the thing that everyone is thinking is powerful. You can do it quietly, gently. And don’t expect an instant revolution.

Don’t be an arsehole about it either (unless that’s your thing). Just ask questions. Have a bit of fun. Bring a bit of Ludic energy to your job.

Talk about an unusual hobby. Ask a colleague for a friendly coffee — someone who’ll be surprised you asked. Play a small practical joke, if that’s your jam.

And then see what happens. If you get in trouble, you can blame me ;-)

So, what will you do for Bring Yourself to Work Day?