I’ve been involved in many online events, paid and unpaid, for years.

In March 2020, there was a great flourishing of events, communities, connections as people suddenly had free time on their hands and wanted connection.

In the last few months, though, I’ve noticed that the events I’ve been supporting and those I’ve been attending are a ‘harder sell’.

We got great people and good numbers at the #ConsciousOrganisation conference, but it was much harder work.

90,000 people have liked and commented on my trailer for the #RequisiteAgility conference: 7–9 December, basic ticket only $24.50 with code RAUN50 — and it will be a great event; I expected that more people would buy, given the amazing speakers and important topic :-)

It’s not just events I’m at, though — all around the virtual globe I’m seeing lower numbers, lower sales, less engagement.

This is natural to an extent as some people are safer, many pretend ‘it’s all over’, and others have no choice.

But I’m interested: what do you think are the reasons this kind of event is no longer ‘flying’?

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