Transduction — leading transformation — Issue #41

Top phive of the week

How safe is ‘check in’?

Seeking wordcel advice

public | service | transformation

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UK ‘sleepwalked’ into dysfunctional children’s social care marke

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A top researcher says it’s time to rethink our entire approach to pre-K : NPR

“Brexit” didn’t just cost us money: it deprived us of solidarity in a crisis | William Keegan | The Guardian

systems | complexity | cybernetics

Michael Garfield 💫 on Twitter

The Mind Made Matter | David Krakauer (2022)

Teacher Tom: The Consequence Of All Learning: We Can No Longer See The Chicken

Systems Innovation Discussion Paper | Nesta — Puttick, (2013)

Recovery coupling in multilayer networks

WHO | Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening — Savigny etc (2009)

Perspectives on Science and Other Theories — social science that actually works

Transaction-Cost Utopias Reconsidered — by Venkatesh Rao

Economics of Mutuality

Systems Thinking Ontario — 2022–03–14

Coexistence in diverse communities with higher-order interactions

Thea Snow on Twitter: “Has anyone ever seen/created a tool or canvas using Donella Meadows leverage points, which is designed to help people think about different places to intervene in a system?”

organisational development / transformation

chatbots :-(

ethics and competence in public service

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Sky News team’s harrowing account of their violent ambush in Ukraine this week | World News | Sky News

Post Office warned of software flaw in 2006, but failed to alert subpostmaster network

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Adam Bienkov

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The Wall Street Journal

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environmental and social justice

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ona bass tip

more brain food

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter: “What Can Be Learned From Rwanda About Battling Depression (and bad music)."

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter

Benjamin P. Taylor on Twitter

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Everything You See Is From 15 Seconds in the Past, New Research Claims




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Benjamin P. Taylor

Benjamin P. Taylor

business evolutionary all pieces duplicated at

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